Revitol Scar Cream

Appearance of any scars can have a deep impact on your psyche. It is a natural process caused when wounds repair and the dermis layer results damaged. Intensive makeup can hide unsightly scars to evade awkwardness. With Revitol Scar Cream, you do not have to hide those unsightly marks.

Be it from acne in teen years, accidents, cuts, burn, or surgery, scars appear for a number of reasons. Irrespective of the reason, you will want these marks to be less noticeable and less unsightly. For this, nothing can beat the effect of regular use of this cream.

Effective in different types of scars

The secret of this cream lies in the unique formula used. It helps in keeping the skin clean, easily and naturally. A blend of different ingredients helps in fortifying the skin with vitamins and proteins. Formula we use in this cream helps in reducing scars caused by burns or acne, effectively and naturally.

This cream helps in rejuvenating the skin and reduces existing unsightly scars. You can notice the change in your skin within few weeks. With regular application on the affected area, you can notice a reduction in discoloration caused by this scar. You will also feel an improvement in the health of your skin.


Details of ingredients used

Success of Revitol Scar Cream lies in various active ingredients used in this cream. Ingredients used in this cream include Hydroquinone, known for its property of lightening skin tone.

It helps in removing pigmentation from the affected area seamlessly. Copper peptide is also present in this cream, which helps in healing scars and spots. It is equally effective on old and new scars. For peeling and exfoliating effect on the skin, we use Glycolic Acid in this cream. It is effective in getting rid of dead and old skin.

It also helps in enhancing the effect of hydroquinone, as its onion extract helps in improving discoloration of the skin.

Get healthy and soft skin

You can get beautiful and soft skin with regular application of this cream. Regaining the normal look of skin is now easy with this cream. In few weeks, instead of the scars you will notice a soft and radiant skin. Formula of this cream emphasizes on a perfect balance of different ingredients, to bring out their effectiveness.

Only after thorough research, we have designed the formula of this cream to ensure its efficacy. We assure you that our cream can treat a wide number of scars. You can use this cream and experience its positive response.

Proper nutrition to the skin against scars

Revitol-Scar-Cream-300x250Ingredients used in this creams provides proper nutrition to the skin and will reduce the appearance of the scar, so you can expect a dramatic change in the appearance of scars within few weeks. It is different from other creams in this league because of its unique blend of ingredients.

The cream is non-invasive and suitable for different skin types. Adults over the age of eighteen can use our cream. Well, we do not claim the cream to be a drug as it does not intent to treat or cure any health condition, nor it can serve as a prescription medicine.

90 Days Refund Policy

Along with the enhancement of your beauty, you can also feel a boost in self-esteem. Now, you do not have to worry about the unsightly scars, and for the convenience of customers, Revitol accept all major credit cards.  You can return your cream within ninety days of purchase and get a full refund on it.

Revitol mails all consignment through best courier service both within the country and overseas. For international destination, your consignment will take almost twenty-one days. If you want a fast and safe solution for your scars, order a tube of this cream immediately.