Dermefface FX7™ Scar Reduction Therapy Review

dermeffacefx7Our bodies are a depiction of our inner self, how people see us. Now we don’t want people getting the wrong impression about us, do we? Now imagine if all that was not possible just because of a mere scar; that one scar that you’ve been having since your childhood.

 Picture yourself waking up one morning to a scar free body. Not even a mark on your skin. No more covering up that scar with a scarf and make up. Now you can walk freely and enjoy every minute of your skin while you still breathing.

Meet Dermefface FX7™ Scar Reduction Therapy, your solution to all your scar problems. A product of skinception line of skin-care products, Dermefface FX7 has underlined its status as a trusted and effective scar treatment cream that has been accepted by many.

Scars are in most cases caused by entry of oxidants; germs, bacteria, pathogens among others. Dermefface FX7 is loaded with active ingredients and anti-oxidants that fight these oxidants on your skin, destroying those scar cells and returning your skin back to its original form in no time.

Dermefface FX7 Ingredients

dermeffacefx7-damato-ad300x250Dermefface FX7 is a result of clinical studies, medical trials and research that has been turned into skin rejuvenation.

Dermefface uses moisturizers and natural active ingredients with patented peptides like their Pro Coll One that is well known. In that sense, you can consider Dermefface FX7 as an amalgam of contemporary and natural skin care skin technology.

  • Niacinamdide– It is essential at restoring skin tone and color that are affected because of hyperpigmentation. Your skin tone will improve and even look more radiant.
  • Allantoin– When your skin experiences scarring, Allantoin is responsible for triggering the skin’s healing ability so that it can heal the scars in a short period of time.
  • Di-Panthenol– Another ingredient that enhances your skin’s ability to heal is Di-panthenol. In healing from scars, your skin will need all of the healing properties that it can get.
  • Pro-col-One– This ingredient boosts your collagen function. This is vital for your skin even in your old age.
  • Pentavitin– Pentavitin restores moisture and hydration on your skin. This will allow your skin tone to shine considerably and prevent it from becoming dry.
  • Vitalyzer – This ingredient allows your skin to be able to push scar cells that are inside your skin to the outer layer of your skin. This will allow your scars to heal faster.
  • Hydrollite– Yet another source of moisture and hydration is the ingredient Hydrollite. Dry skin is a major cause for frequent scarring.


Dermefface FX7 benefits

dermeffacefx7Dermefface FX7 scar reduction treatment has distanced itself from other treatment creams because of its advantageous benefits that one stands to gain if one uses it.

  • It strengthens your skin, making it tough enough to deal with scars. This way, it can deal with scars efficiently even before they start forming on your skin.
  • Dermefface FX7 has gained fame for dealing with those scars that seem almost impossible to get rid off. We are talking of keloid scars and the likes that are normally thick and dark-colored, making your skin looking nasty.
  • Collagen in your skin performs numerous functions that are vital for your body. Dermefface FX7 understands this, hence it boosts the collagen function even in your old age, and your skin still looks vibrant and healthy.
  • One common cause for scarring is due to dry skin. Dermefface FX7 replenishes your skin, keeping it moist and hydrated, keeping it in shape.
  • Lastly, your skin tone tends to benefit from Dermefface FX7, the active ingredients help improve your skin tone, those dark patches that were once there become a thing of the past.


Dermefface FX7 has received tremendous positive feedback from many who have tried it and reported immediate impact in their skin.

Below are some users who decided to share their experience with Dermefface FX7.

Jen B


Cause(s): Burns

So much softer and smoother

I was trying to cook in my parents RV and the stove was a little bit different. It was propane gas and I was turning it on but it wasn’t lighting. Then, BOOM, it lit up all at once and singed my hand really bad in two spots. I’ve been using Dermefface FX7 and because I’m a huge researcher I only used it on one of the burn scars to test and see if it really helped. The one I used Dermefface FX7 on is almost unnoticeable now. It makes it look so much softer and smoother. Dermefface FX7 is great!

Tracy J


Cause(s): Accidents

It’s awesome!

I started using Dermefface FX7® about four years ago. First I used Dermefface FX7 for my C-section scar when I had my first child and it helped my scar very much. The way they cut me was kind of odd and my bathing suit wasn’t really covering it. But now you can’t even notice it when I go to the beach. It’s awesome! Later I met a girl who told me she used Dermefface FX7 Therapy to make her stretch marks look better, so I tried it and it actually worked. Then, during my next pregnancy, I used it all over to help prevent stretch marks and it worked again! I like how you can use Dermefface FX7 Therapy while breastfeeding, which I did. I used it from the second trimester on. Now, every time I talk with somebody that’s pregnant, I recommend it.

Refund policy

Skinception products focus on ensuring high standards and quality when coming up with their products.

In case you may not be satisfied with their products, they have an unbeatable 90 day NO RISK money-back guarantee.

Just return the product to them in this 90 day window period and you are assured of all refund less the shipping fee.

Shipping details

You can order their products online; have it shipped to your location just by the click of a mouse, without even moving a muscle.

Simply, once you’ve identified your product of choice, pay for the product via any online money transfer service.

Once you’ve purchased your product, a form will be issued to you to put down your location. Another form will be send to you with tracking number of your package so that you can be assured the safety of your product.

We would recommend it, try it today and give us your story.

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