Dermaflage for Acne Scars and Frown Lines – Review

Ever wondered how our top celebrities manage to deal with those awful scars that you are perfectly sure they had, yet in our screens they still look flawless? Or maybe you are still in search for the best scar removal cream? Not yet lucky in your progress?

Dermaflage then is what you have been missing out on.  A New Approach to Concealment of scars, frowns, surgery marks among others. It is the first cosmetic that looks like real skin. Blending with your skin tone to hide up those scars, you would be amazed personally.

Dermaflage is the only cosmetic that looks like real skin. It was invented in Hollywood special effects to conceal scars and wrinkles on actors and news anchors on camera. Now it is available to everyone as a daily solution and great alternative to expensive and painful medical procedures that are in fact a gamble that may not bear the expected results.

Dermaflage conceals:

  • Scars – recessed face & body
  • Deep Wrinkles
  • MOHs surgery
  • Frown & 11 lines
  • Skin Cancer
  • Pock marks – chicken pox
  • C-sections
  • Box car, rolling & ice pick scars
  • Dog bites
  • Cleft palate

Far superior to traditional cosmetics and concealers, Dermaflage fills and conceals the recessed area. Used improperly, makeup can look cakey and does not effectively fill the sunken areas of the skin.

It offers an edge over other concealers in that;

  • It is translucent to let your natural pigment come through
  • flexible so that it moves the skin
  • water proof
  • It can last up to 36 hours without wearing off to keep you radiant all day

Now you can put your best face forward, worry less and smile more everyday as you look up to having a good day.

dermaflagefillerWhy Dermaflage?

  • Invented in Hollywood Special Effects
  • Instantly conceals recessed scars
  • Non-irritating, non-allergenic
  • Tested & recommended by dermatologists
  • Variety of color depending on your skin tone to blend with your skin

Refund policy

Dermaflage is focused on ensuring that you get nothing short of quality and that’s why top celebrities have them as their number one solution to acnes and scars treatment

That is why they are offering a full refund on starter kit purchases for any reason and free color exchanges.  A 30 day window is allowed from the time of purchase to return the product if you didn’t feel contented with it; after which a 100 percent refund of your money is guaranteed.


Dermaflage has a variety of products to select from depending on your choice and professionalism. Maybe you’re a make-up artist or just a person in search of an antidote to your old scar, Dermaflage has got you covered.

Dermaflage Starter Kit

Order a starter kit to get everything you need to fill & conceal scars. It comes with two tones for perfect color matching and application tools.

dermaflage starter kit

Worryless Starter Kit

Order a starter kit to get everything you need to fill & conceal frown lines. It comes with two tones for perfect color matching and application tools.Dermflage worryless kit

Pro Kit

We designed this handy bag with the professional makeup artist and aesthetic professional in mind. It comes with all 12 Dermaflage tones and plenty of supplies so our pros are always delivering a flawless finish!

dermaflage pro kit

Moreover, you can order for a refill once your stock is over.

So, are you still wondering why Dermaflage is the best and most effective scar and acne concealment cream? Now you know why. Try yours today.

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