5 Ways to get rid of Surgery Scars

Your skin is very valuable and also very important in giving you a seamless look. However, this look may all be gone in case of injury, accidents, burns, trauma or surgery which result in the development of scars. If you have undergone surgery for one reason or the other, it is inevitable that you don’t have scar marks on your skin. Don’t worry or obsess about the scar marks on your skin, you can get rid of them by following proven methods which are safe and non-invasive. Here, we are going to explore ways in which you can remove the irritating scars using simple, proven methods which will help you regain your confidence.

Some of these methods will reduce the depth and size of the surgery scar and even change the appearance by improving it.

  1. Silicone gels


Silicone gels and creams are an ideal way to get rid of surgery scars. They provide a less expensive option compared to laser scar removal which is expensive and might not guarantee satisfactory results. Silicone gels such as Selevax , Revitol Cream and Dermefface FX7 are top choices when it comes to effective ways to get rid of surgery scars. They are made from 100% silicone ingredients and have the ability to reduce the depth and visibility of the scar. They are also effective in getting rid of your old scars and new scars while giving your skin a smoother and softer look. Most silicone creams are also timely in their results, and normally takes just four weeks of daily application to completely get rid of the scars.

  1. Chemical peels

If you have a superficial surgery scar, then this method will help you get rid of it by application of a chemical to remove the top layer of the skin. Through chemical peels, the depressed scar is smoothened and its size reduced and also its visibility.

  1. Dermabrasion

This method involves removing or scraping away the upper layers of the skin using an electrical dermabrasion machine which then allows for the growth of new unblemished skin. You will have to see a surgeon for this procedure, and can be quite expensive but effective in the end.

  1. Using pressure bandages

Pressure bandages can be used together with massages in order to reduce the visibility of scars. This method could take quite some time to see tangible results but it is totally safe and inexpensive. The pressure bandages help to flatten out the deep scars which makes it ideal with surgery scars. After several months, the scars size will be reduced and matched with the rest of your skin appearance.

  1. Cryosurgery

This technique freezes the upper layer of your skin and is targeted where the surgery scar is worse. By freezing the upper layer, blistering of the skin occurs which is responsible for removing the scar tissue. This reduce the depth and size of the scar.

Scar removal and scar treatment procedures should be analyzed carefully before settling for a particular method. This is to avoid possible side effects and risks associated with different procedures. It may also not guarantee results if you don’t follow the procedures correctly. When deciding on the best method that suits you, look at the expenses, effectiveness and how the method corresponds to your lifestyle.

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